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Coloured slips
Painting on different coloured slips to enhance the shapes occuring within the vessels.

Scratching more agressive marks into the now painted surface to make more detailed drawn expressive lines, which can later be filled with a contrast colour of slip.

Rubbing the surface of the clay whilst leather hard with something very smooth, such as the back of a metal spoon.

Crackle glaze
Crackle glaze and copper oxide around belly button on squatting figure.

crowd design sgraffito blue terracotta bowl

crowd design sgraffito blue terracotta bowl

Surface Techniques


Playing with coloured clay slips and scratching drawings into the surface is a technique called sgrafitto, the lines can later be filled with china clay and fired to earthenware temperatures.


Coiling for me is a very simple way to build a form in clay by squeezing the clay roughly into a coil then pushing it on to the previous layer (none of this meticulously rolling out perfect coils of clay). I then beat the outside and inside of the form to make sure the clay is first blended together and then the shape of the form is correctly developing as it gets higher and higher.

coiling clay attaching to pot terracotta earthenwarepinchin clay togetherwooden beater surfsce of potlarge coil bowlBurnished boat

This method of working works well for me as it allows me to feel through touch how a form is growing and developing in shape. The whole experience is very tactile and through visual and tactile senses the piece of work has to feel right.

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